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JU JITSU is the ORIGINAL Martial Art.

Ju Jitsu was developed by the Bushi or warriors of the Kamakura period circa 1185 - 1333. 

Originally designed for warriors who had lost their weapons in battle, it now also incorporates weapons techniques. 

Today it is an activity for all to enjoy, from the very young to the very old. We have two locations in Leicestershire training students from the age of
yrs through to 60 and beyond. 

Ju Jitsu is a great way to keep fit and to find focus and it is absolutely fantastic for SELF DEFENCE. Ju Jitsu is one of the few martial arts that can actually be used out in the real world to protect yourself.

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"...today, judo is a sport, with highly detailed rules and regulations. Ju jitsu, however, has never been a sport. It has never had any rules, any barred techniques, or any concept of fair play, its only point has been to maim or kill your opponent. It is true that martial arts works best when someone is attacking you; nevertheless, in many ju jitsu techniques the technician becomes the aggressor and gives no quarter to his prey." "Japan's Ultimate Art" by Darrell Max Craig

"...it was in 1882 that judo gained ascendancy and ju jitsu began its decline." 


Activate Your Mind

Our Martial Arts coaches are Black Belts in our art and highly experienced in guiding students from raw beginner to expert level. Whilst this journey is different for everyone and takes years to achieve, the fun, confidence and exhilaration you will feel on that journey is truly amazing.

Come and join us at Martial Arts Leicester for a fun and rewarding time. 

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We run classes in two locations;

Coalville LE67 3PW

Earl Shilton LE9 7GA

Enderby LE19 4NT

We teach the following, click for more info;

LJJ Little Dragons pre-school -4yrs

LJJ Little Dragons 4-6yrs

LJJ Dragon Warriors 6-14ys

LJJ Martial Arts Adults 15+

LJJ Ladies Kickboxing 13+ 


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