Online University

We are excited to bring you our Japanese Ju Jitsu Online University - some years ago we created the "Student Portal" accessible to all of our members, where we have our techniques demonstrated by our top coaches. 

Now we have created a whole New Range of FULL INSTRUCTIONAL videos for students interested on our amazing art. 

To access this Online University of knowledge just click below and register;

Register for first use 


Our syllabus techniques are split into a "Rotating Syllabus" as follows;

To begin with, please take a look at our "Intro to Traditional Japanese Ju Jitsu - The complete beginner course" where you will find lessons on;
- Break falls to keep you safe
- Basic punching and kicking
- How to hold pads for others
Amongst many other lessons. 

If you are specifically interested in the techniques on the current syllabus set, then please target those. 

Should you have any queries about the system or experience any issues using them, please contact me so that I can help.

Sensei Rob Phelps 5th Dan Black Belt 

Page updated 18/04/21

Page created 22/02/21