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Fancy Training at a friendly no ego Martial Arts Club?

We have been teaching Martial Arts for over 20 years, all of our coaches are Black Belts, and go through a rigorous coaching programme to ensure they are skilled at teaching as well as experts at our art.

We have three venues;

- Enderby LE19 4NT, near from Fosse Park

- Coalville LE67 3PW, near the Iceland Supermarket on Bridge Rd

- Earl Shilton LE9 7GA, at The Stute Snooker hall on Station Rd

  • We teach children from 2½yrs in specialist pre-school classes.

  • Our Dragon Warriors is for children aged 6-14yrs and we gradually build in stand-up sparring and wrestling.

  • In our Adult Japanese Ju Jitsu classes we teach teens and adults a complete Martial Arts system involving; throws like judo, sparring like karate, ground work like BJJ.

  • Ladies can also choose to train exclusively with other ladies in our Ladies Only Kickboxing - a non-confrontational art where you you learn to strike pads properly with your hands and feet, and not just dance around the room playing pat a cake.

If this all sounds like something you would like to get involved in in 2024 then please get in touch for more info;

If you would simply like to book a completely FREE, no obligation trial, please use this link; Book your FREE Trial

Whatever you decide, we wish you a fabulous 2024.

Rob Phelps - Head Coach

LJJ Martial Arts

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