Thursday 13th May & Friday 14th May 2021

My wife was admitted to hospital on Tuesday 11th May in severe abdominal pain. She came home last night at 11:30pm and has a suspected duodenal ulcer so I am having to cancel classes today and tomorrow.

Unfortunately I do not have another fully qualified and insured coach available & as you may be aware, I also transport the training mats and all equipment to Enderby each time.

PLEASE BE AWARE that we ​operate a "catch-up" system, where-by you are encouraged to attend an additional class to make up for any missed lessons, so over the next couple of weeks, please feel free to book your catch-up lesson. 


I am really sorry about this, but my family obviously has to come first. Amanda has a endoscopy procedure booked for Monday afternoon so we are optimistic that we will have a firm diagnosis and from that a treatment to resolve it.  

Sensei Rob Phelps 

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