This page has general information about our gradings, when they are, where they are and why gradings are important. If you want to check the current candidates grading list please go to the Member Area and login - the password is available from your coach, or or 07847-464482

Gradings are examinations held four times a year in March, June, September & December.

A grading consists of a student being requested to perform a set number of techniques with a training partner, in front of a ratified examiner. The examiner will mark each technique out of 10 and from this determines whether the student has achieved;

- Fail 0%-39%

- Pass 40%-59%

- Credit 60%-84%

- Honours 85% or above

If you wish to grade, please ensure you have; 

- Budo pass (Small red book, grading record) - please hand this in to your sensei 1 week before grading.

- Insurance certificate - this should be listed in your budo pass

- Full payment - see below

The best way to pay is via the online portal, to do this follow these steps;

1. Click on "Student Portal & Shop" at the top of this page

2. Login with the students' DOB & Surname

3. Click "Members Shop"

4. On the left-hand side choose "Grading Services"

5. Choose the appropriate item

NOTE: If this is your first grading then you will not yet have a Budo pass (grading record) or insurance certificate. 

Please make sure when you grade that your uniform is clean, you have your current belt, your toe & finger nails are cut short, long hair is tied back, all jewellery is removed and if you are wearing a t-shirt it is tucked into your trousers. 

For more specific information about the grading; times, locations, dates, please check out this document; Grading Information Sheet 

There will be a number of things to consider before grading, please take a look at these documents if you are at all unsure, you can also discuss it with your sensei.

Should I Grade?               Why Grade?

Testimonial from Professor James Pape - 9th Dan British Ju Jitsu Association. 

"Thank you for a really nice day at your Dojo, you should be proud of your students they have achieved an excellent standard of Ju-Jitsu." March 2010

Coalville: St John Ambulance Hall, Forest Road, Coalville. LE67 3SJ

Earl Shilton: The Stute, 12 Station Road, Earl Shilton. LE9 7GA​

Enderby: Brockington College, Blady Road, Enderby. LE19 4AQ

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