Gradings - June 2020

Gradings this time will take place via zoom;

We are currently in the process of working out who is eligible to grade and then you will have the opportunity to book your grading slot with one of the grading examiners. 

As there is a high likelihood you will be grading solo (alone), and will not have suitable flooring mats to allow for throws, we will be grading you on a combination of how you have performed in previous gradings, how you have performed in the dojo and your knowledge and ability to demonstrate the techniques. 


You can  also rest assured that once we are back in the dojo and able to train normally, we will be spending time ensuring you understand the techniques you were unable to perform during lockdown.    

Grading Information Sheet        Should I Grade?        Why Grade?

Select your primary training venue to see if you are on the list to grade - if you/your child are not on the list but would like to grade, then please contact your coach;


Earl Shilton - Sensei Rob Phelps 07847-464482 

- Combined list of LD, DW, Adults and KB  

Coalville- Sensei Nathan Webb 07766-950639  TO BE DONE

- Juniors List
- Ladies Kickboxing
- Little Dragons
- Seniors - Ju Jitsu

Enderby- Sensei Duncan Phelps 07811-851692 DONE

- Combined list of LD, DW, Adults and KB

For more general information about gradings; location, timings, how to pay, how much to pay etc, please check out this Gradings Page

Grading opportunities of 2020;

Saturday 27th June

Saturday 5th September
Saturday 12th December


Earl Shilton

Saturday 20th June

Saturday 12th September

Saturday 5th December