Dan Grade Promotions!

Three of Leicester Ju Jitsu's coaches received Dan grade promotions on June 11th 2017;

- Rob Phelps 5th Dan

- Nathan Webb 2nd Dan

- Rory Holden 2nd Dan

Officiating at the grading were; Sensei Terry Lee 6th, Sensei Steve Ainscough 7th and British Ju Jitsu Association representative and son of one of the founding members Mr Blundell 9th Dan. 

Sensei's Lee, Blundell & far right Ainscough

The grading was held at Warrior Martial Arts headquarters in Beeston, Nottingham.

Well done to everyone who graded that day as there were a number of juniors graded to junior Black Belt, two other seniors graded to 3rd Dan and Tira Lee was awarded her 4th Dan.