Dan Grade Promotions!

Three of Leicester Ju Jitsu's coaches received Dan grade promotions on June 11th 2017;

- Rob Phelps 5th Dan

- Nathan Webb 2nd Dan

- Rory Holden 2nd Dan

Officiating at the grading were; Sensei Terry Lee 6th, Sensei Steve Ainscough 7th and British Ju Jitsu Association representative and son of one of the founding members Mr Blundell 9th Dan. 

The grading was held at Warrior Martial Arts headquarters in Beeston, Nottingham.

Well done to everyone who graded that day as there were a number of juniors graded to junior Black Belt, two other seniors graded to 3rd Dan and Tira Lee was awarded her 4th Dan. 

Sensei's Lee, Blundell & far right Ainscough