Coronavirus Latest 25th March 2020 


We will be providing a World Class online presence, rest assured, LJJ Martial Arts will not let you down - that is core to our belief. 
PLEASE HELP - by providing us with ongoing feedback - help us to help you during this challenging time.  

We have moved all classes on-line, more details to follow, but here is a good indication;

  • Live stream classes to current members; Running classes at regular times NEW ONLINE TIMETABLE, live streaming on Facebook so that they can follow along at home - ALL classes will be in a Facebook private group, please make sure you request membership so that you do not miss out.  Click here for the Facebook group. 

  • Zoom classesby invitation only - this is where you can see the coach and they can see you, we go through some kata and techniques, and work positions, after a warm-up and some cardio work (an example here from China

  • Syllabus Changes - We are currently looking at our syllabus with a view to making it more "Home training friendly" more stand-up kickboxing routines, more kata work, more online training videos for you. 
    Less throws as we know these are difficult (to say the least), without mats and a training partner and we DO NOT advocate students visiting each other to train.  

  • Video lessons for current members for viewing by the students in their own time - these will be in a secure access area, details to follow. 

  • Worksheets for current members – produce a weekly worksheet of techniques for students to work on

THANK YOU for your support despite the situation with Coronavirus. We're all facing a massive amount of disruption in our lives but I am a big believer in trying to keep life and routines as normal as possible, particularly for children. Continued support for each other and our small businesses is essential to make sure we have a something  to return to so thank you for supporting us!

Can I please ask, that as long as your financial situation remains unchanged, that you continue your payments to your Sensei? We will then ensure you receive value for that money whilst we are in this situation and afterwards.

We are looking at our prices with a view to reducing them for you. As we are negotiating lower rents, we wish to pass those savings on to our student base - please bear with us whilst we calculate this. 

As always look after yourselves and each other. Many thanks!

Kind regards, 

Sensei Rob Phelps


Sensei Nathan Webb


Sensei Duncan Phelps


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