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21st July 2020 21:45

Earl Shilton - We start back in the dojo (training hall) in Earl Shilton on Sunday 26th July - YAY!! 




Coalville - we are running open air classes in Coalville plus online via Zoom, whilst we work with the venue to re-open, or find a new one!

Enderby - we are running open air classes starting Fri 31st July, Brockington is looking to re-open in September, we are looking for an alternative but no joy yet.

I failed the temperature assessment at the dojo - Advice

Click the link above for advice and guidance if you failed the temperature gun test at the dojo.

11th July 2020 08:20

The announcement on 9th July from Oliver Dowden the UK Government Culture Secretary was great news for our industry. He stated that there would be a relaxing of restrictions on sports in England - YAY!!  Oliver Dowden's Announcement


In summary, from today, 11th July outside organised sports gatherings of up to 30 people is now allowed - this must include; parents, coaches and students, so the ratio of 5 students to 1 coach has been removed, but due to the need to accommodate spectators & coaches it cannot be 30 students to 1 coach.
We can return to indoor classes from Saturday 25th July, so for us that will be Sunday 26th as we are closed on a Saturday. 

There are still restrictions in place for outdoor and indoor classes; social distancing, no sharing of equipment like pads, everyone must use hand sanitiser, the venue will need to be cleaned between each class so there will need to be gaps between classes to facilitate this.
UK Government Covid & Sport

We are working with our venues to create timetables that work and keep our clients safe. 
Tomorrow, Sunday 12th July ​we are running Open Air classes at;

Earl Shilton - Weavers Springs

Coalville - Scotlands Playing Fields
We have spent considerable time and effort planning and preparing for these classes and are looking forward to delivering our usual high level and engaging content to our wonderful students who have been supporting us since the lockdown in March. 

We have created Outdoor Risk Assessments and have Public Liability in place, plus our usual Professional Indemnity and Student to Student Insurance.

View our Risk Assessments; Earl Shilton  Coalville

PLEASE READ THE SECTION BELOW ENTITLED "5th July 2020" as it outlines the procedure for open air lessons. 

On Sunday 26th July we will be running our Sunday timetable, with some alterations; classes will have to be shorter to allow for all age levels to be covered, and the venue to to sanitised  between groups. More information will be coming out next week. 

5th July 2020 08:20

Today ​we are running our first Open Air classes in the real-world! We are excited and a little nervous. We have spent considerable time and effort planning and preparing for these classes and are looking forward to delivering our usual high level and engaging content to our wonderful students who have been supporting us since the lockdown in March. 

We do not expect to get everything right this time, so please bear with us and treat us kindly, because we are doing our best under exceptional circumstances. As we are out in the open, control of the environment is must more difficult; weather, debris, general public etc will all have to be managed to the best of all of our abilities. 

If the weather turns bad, then we will switch to running the same classes at the same times but from home on zoom - please keep an eye on your mobile, email and/or the Leicester Ju Jitsu Facebook page if you think the weather is questionable. 

We have created this document which sets out our plans for the Covid Safe Open Air Training Sessions, please read it and adhere to the contents. 


- No uniforms as we do not want you to get them covered in grass

- No toilet facilities so please go before you leave home

- Wear trainers

- We have hand sanitisers that you MUST use

- You MUST socially distance from people you DO NOT live with, before, during and after training

- By attending the session you are SELF-CERTIFYING that you do not have Coronavirus or the symptoms and you have not been in contact with someone who has Coronavirus or the symptoms

We are all looking forward to an EPIC training session today :-) 

16th March 2020 20:00

Boris Johnson has been on the TV this evening and the message is still we feel, unclear. He is talking about people working from home, not visiting pubs, but exercise is good for you especially if you ultimately contract Coronavirus, also the schools remain open!

Our stance therefore also remains unchanged, we will continue to run classes whilst the schools are open - however, as per our Coronavirus & Illness page if you feel ill or a member of your household is believed to have COVID-19 please stay away from training.

Also, if you simply feel uneasy and would prefer to skip training that is fine too. We will be running some live sessions via Facebook and recording these for later viewing.

We will also run extra sessions to enable you to catch-up on any missed if we feel it is required.


The grading is still scheduled to go ahead this Saturday, we are looking to reduce numbers by scheduling students gradings, so you enter the building and dojo at your allotted time and leave the building once completed. 


This is to keep contact with numbers of people low - your results will arrive by email and your belt and certificate will be available for collection at your next lesson. 


If you would simply prefer not to grade this Saturday that is fine, you can grade at a later date, in class or at a mutually convenient time and location or receive a full refund - your choice. 

We remain optimistic that this is a short term issue that will resolve itself quickly, but obviously only time will tell.

Interested to know what online classes would look like? Checkout this link

Kind regards, 

Sensei Rob Phelps 



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