Coaching - Module1 Peripheral Vision 

Welcome to the LJJ Martial Arts Coaching Programme

This page is for current coaches, and junior leaders and for those who have joined the programme this year and are working towards qualification.

This year, 2020 we have been locked down so I have put our modules into a different format to enable you to revise and keep moving forward.

For each module you need to perform these 4 tasks;
1. Download the question sheet
2. Watch the video
3. Complete the question sheet
4. Send the question sheet back to me - 

Each video is 10 minutes long and there are a maximum of 10 questions, the whole process should take 30 minutes or less.  

Module1 Peripheral Vision - Questions Sheet (all identical, just different format);
DOCX (MS Word)
RTF (Any Word processing software)

Video link - Peripheral Vision

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