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Back 2 School

Kids have great lives in many ways – I can’t even remember what it’s like to be bored can you??!!


But going back to school after the loooonnnggg summer break can be a daunting thing, especially as they move to new classes or even a new school. At Leicester Ju Jitsu we work with our students to help build up their confidence and fitness, these two things alone can do so much for their self-esteem, and that helps their progress and ability to learn.

We are often concerned with bullying and this is a serious issue, but making and keeping friends is so important as well.


Leicester Ju Jitsu has a great social side and friends are made and friendships enhanced, this too helps with confidence as kids don’t feel alone.


If you feel that your child could benefit from one or more of these;

  • Confidence

  • Self-esteem

  • Coordination

  • Fitness

  • Muscle tone

  • Self-Defence 

  • Friendship

  • Anti-bullying

Leicester Ju Jitsu caters for all ages from 2½ Years through to Adults with our different programs which are as follows:

  • Little Dragons Preschool 2½ - 4 Years

  • Little Dragons 4- 6 Years

  • Dragon Warriors 6-14 Years

  • Seniors 15+ Years

  • Ladies Only Kickboxing 13+ Years 

 Whatever the age we can help you with one of our programmes which are suited to varied ages and abilities.

Get in touch for a FREE trial and find out first-hand how Leicester Ju Jitsu can help your child with getting Back to School.