This Weeks Mon-Fri Schedule;

Online Timetable of classes

Tuesdays & Thursdays are Intermediate and Advanced training.

Previously recorded live lessons are listed here; Thinkific Members Site

FREE Online course content for members - This content is being sold to the World! But completely free to our members, as a thank you for your support - we think these things should be two-way :-).

Zoom video links for LIVE lessons - it is not mandatory for you to have your camera switched on, but if does help the coach to help you. By default your microphone is muted;

Little Dragons 4pm ages 2½ - 5

- LD Mon Zoom

- LD Tues Zoom

- LD Wed Zoom

- LD Thurs Zoom
- LD Fri Zoom 

Dragon Warriors 5pm ages 6-14

- DW Mon Beginners Zoom

- DW Tues Beginners Zoom

5:30pm Tues DW Inters/Adv Orange Belt and above

- DW Wed Beginners Zoom

- DW Thurs Beginners Zoom

5:30pm Thurs DW Inters/Adv Orange Belt and above
- DW Fri Beginners Zoom

Adult Ju Jitsu 15+ 7:00pm

- Monday Adult Beginners White-->Orange Zoom

- Tuesday Adult Inters/Adv Purple/White-->Brown/Red Zoom

- Wednesday Adult Beginners White-->Orange Zoom

- Thursday Adult Inters/Adv Purple/White-->Brown/Red Zoom

- Friday Adult Beginners White-->Orange Fri Zoom

Adult & Juniors Ju Jitsu Brown belts training for Black, Mon 7:45pm

- Monday Brown Belt Zoom 

Adult & Juniors Ju Jitsu Black belts training for their next Dan grade, Wed 7:45pm

- Wednesday Dan Grades Zoom


Kickboxing 13+

- Tuesday Ladies Kickboxing Zoom

- Thursday Ladies Kickboxing Zoom

- Friday Ladies Kickboxing Zoom

Need some personal help with your martial arts?

Book a 1 to 1 with one of our Sensei's - this is a focussed 15min slot, so please have something specific to ask/ work on. This service is conducted via Zoom video link & is FREE to our members :-). 
We will be limiting this service both by dates/time and sessions per person, so that it can be enjoyed by all, kind of a "fair use" policy.  ​

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Coalville: St John Ambulance Hall, Forest Road, Coalville. LE67 3SJ

Earl Shilton: The Stute, 12 Station Road, Earl Shilton. LE9 7GA​

Enderby: Brockington College, Blady Road, Enderby. LE19 4AQ

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