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Hi (NAME),

Welcome to LJJ Martial Arts and the start of your great Martial Arts journey! 

You have now been allocated a class on (DAY) at (TIME). 


Missed a session?

If you miss a session you are entitled and encouraged to do a catch-up class at another time, please contact your Sensei (coach) to check and confirm they have space. Timetables and locations are available on our website http://www.leicesterjujitsu.co.uk/locations 


Covid19 – In-Person Classes 

We have numerous additional Risk Assessments and Policies in place to ensure we remain a Covid safe environment, PLEASE STAY UP-TO-DATE with the details here; 


Your New Uniform!

Please let us know your full height in centimetres, so that we can either allocate your uniform, or order it if we don’t have stock. We usually keep at least 2 uniforms of every regular size in stock, but during busy recruitment times we may run out.   

You are expected to wear a clean, ironed and tidy uniform at each and every class and seminar we run – unless the coach states otherwise, e.g. for a Self-Defence seminar or outside training. 


Referrals - Who could YOU Help?

We would love to have more students just like you, so who do you know that could benefit from one of our classes?;

  • LJJ Little Dragons 2½-6 years 

  • LJJ Dragon Warriors 6-14years

  • LJJ Martial Arts Adults – Ju Jitsu and Self-Defence for 15+ years

  • LJJ Ladies Only Kickboxing 13+ years

We pay a £20 referral bonus for everyone you introduce to us, who then goes on to join one of our regular classes, be it family member, partner, neighbour, friend or stranger!

Annual Membership

You now have 12 months membership of LJJ Martial Arts and of our National Governing Body the British Ju Jitsu Association. This also entitles you to 12 months member to member insurance should you get injured or injure someone else – very rare at LJJ, but it is a contact sport so can happen. This is renewed annually at a fee of;

  • £25 for Little Dragons

  • £40 for Dragon Warriors, Ladies Kickboxing and Adult Ju Jitsu

You will receive a reminder email a month before this is due.


Online Video Learning - The Student Portal

As part of your membership with LJJ, you also have access to our Online Library of syllabus videos (probably unique & worth over £144 per year!!), this is accessed here;

  • www.leicesterjujitsu.co.uk

  • “Student Portal & Shop” at the top of the page

  • Please login with the students' surname and date of birth

  • Top left “Syllabus Videos” – You only need concern yourself with the Beginner Section at this stage

Accelerate your Learning! Online Video Introduction

Also included in your membership is the 
Introduction to Japanese Ju Jitsu - The Beginners Course.

This course alone sells for £49 - to you it's FREE!! 


It includes; break falls - how to fall safely, tying your new belt, forward rolls, matt etiquette & terminology, how to hold a strike pad, basic stances, the 4 core kicks, 4 of our throws and 9 of our techniques!  

This course is accessed by registering your email address here; http://www.leicesterjujitsu.co.uk/university

​Once this is done, your coach will add this course to your system

Cancellation - Please don't go!

We would be very sad to see you leave, each student who joins us, we have high hopes that you will achieve Black Belt and beyond, and become an important and valuable member of the Coaching Team. However, we understand that in this world things are thrown at us that can derail your plans. 

First of all, please talk to us, the coaches are trained and experienced. If your regular coach is not available, or maybe they inadvertently did something that offended you, then please speak to one of the other team or the Head Coach, Sensei Rob Phelps on 07847-464482 or sensei@leicesterjujitsu.co.uk – he will do everything in his power to help you remain with us. 

Should you need to cancel your membership with us, please give us at least 1 months’ notice, as this is a requirement of our payment provider. It also gives us an opportunity to work with you and do our very best to fix whatever is broken or wonky.  
And, do not forget us, we have had students leave us at Brown Belt and return 12 years later and complete their Black Belt! So anything is possible. 


Top Tips to Speed Your Progress

1. Be present in the class - physically and mentally (leave your mental baggage at the door)

2. Listen - practise - ask 

3. "Technique before speed" is our motto, so take your time, speed and power come later

4. Make notes - get a notebook and write something of relevance in it at each class

5. Train every day, not necessarily in the dojo (training hall), but at home 

6. Follow the process - many quit as they don't see quick improvements or because they hit a lull, anything worth having takes time to acquire, give it time and follow the process!

7. Work on your fitness and muscle tone between classes - if you cannot identify what to work on or how, ask your coach. We often say that our classes won't make you lose weight but they will give you a reason to work on it. 

8. Focus on one Martial Art at a time - you should know in 1-2 sessions whether the coaches, location, pricing and the art are right for you, after that stick with it. If things change, then speak with your coaches and discuss your options, you may be surprised to hear that the solution is an easy one. 

9. Train more than once per week in the dojo, especially when you have reached an intermediate level, this will help with any frustrations you are feeling over a lack of progress.

10. Help others - don't be cocky and a know-it-all, and give people a chance to work it out themselves, but then, if a coach is not currently available and you are SURE you know what's wrong, try suggesting "try using your 'other' right arm!"

11. Teaching is a brilliant way to help you internalise the technique - so when offered the chance, get on the coaching programme and become a Junior Leader or Adult Assistant Club Coach. 

12. Practise DOES NOT Make Perfect - Practise Makes Permanent.... Perfect Practise Makes Perfect and that requires a coach who knows and understands the art. 

Your New Journey!

We are excited for you, and eagerly looking forward to leading you on your Martial Arts journey, as the famous quote by Lao Tzu says “A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step”. 



Rob Phelps

Head Coach, NVQ ll in Coaching


Sensei Rob Phelps 5th Dan Black Belt

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