Sparring with Sensei Rob Phelps

Date & Time:

Saturday Aug 5th; £10 person - Book via your instructor.

ESSENTIAL - Gum shield, we sell for £2. 

OPTIONAL - buy your own sparring kit & the course for £49.99 per person.

Juniors 10am-11am   Click the look to book online 

Seniors 11:30-12:30 


St John Ambulance, Forest Rd, Coalville LE67 3SJ

Sparring is a brilliant skill to acquire, it is also a requirement at Black Belt for juniors and seniors. 

The sparring kit comprises; Gloves, foot and shin protection, Head guard and gum shield - the gum shield must be moulded to the student so please book in plenty of time so that we can sort this out before the day. 

This will be as per the British Ju Jitsu Association competition rules, so light contact "points" sparring. The head guards are optional for kids, not required for adults. 

Sparring kit pricing;

Gloves RRP £17.99  Our Price £15.99

Foot/Shin RRP £8.99 Our Price £7.99

Head Guard RRP £19.99 Our Price £18.00

Gum Shield RRP £2.50 Our Price £2.00

TOTAL £43.98 or buy the pack including the seminar fee for just £49.99!