Martial Arts Licensing Ltd

If you are a Black Belt, and would like a proved system to get to 100 students +,  and actually start to make a profit and assist more students, then please get in touch. ​













Martial Arts Licensing Ltd assists Martial Arts instructors by;​

- Providing proved systems to grow your student numbers

- Marketing strategies and methods, many FREE, to feed the growth

- Syllabuses for the 5 martial arts programmes actively sought out by parents and students

- An electronic system that supports the business

- A CRM system to support the business

- Methods and processes to create one of the best retentions in the whole MA industry

We will not only tell you want to do, we will show you, work with you to create and manage the growth. We will give you the words and phrases that create growth and retention, the actual "hows", "whys" and "ways" to build a fully functioning Martial Arts School that will, should you wish so, run without you! 


Get in touch today, there really is no time like the present. 


Rob Phelps 

CEO and Successful Martial Arts School Owner

5th Dan Black Belt


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Hi, I'm Rob Phelps, owner of LJJ Martial Arts. I am a 5th Dan in Japanese Ju Jitsu and have been teaching Martial Arts since 2002, but it wasn't until 2010 that I went full-time, and not until 2018 that actually started to live a full life from my Martial Arts Business income!

I discovered a number of strategies which enabled me to grow my business, keep retention at an industry busting 4.3% and create a business that would run without me. 

Let me help YOU do the same.