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LJJ Martial Arts has enormous benefits for children and adults, they give a structured fitness and exercise programme the benefits include;

- Increased confidence

- Improved muscle tone

- Better co-ordination

- Self discipline

- Goal Setting

- Improves self-esteem

- Conflict resolution

- Self-defence skills

- Lose weight and tone up

- Faster reflexes

- Flexibility

- Better concentration 

We work with each student helping to develop you individually, with ratios of less than ten students per coach you will develop great skills and make swift progress. 

Martial Arts for children;

We have three programmes for children;

- Little Dragons 2.5-4yrs pre-school

Our pre-school martial arts classes have a maximum of 8 students with a coach and a helper, classes are high energy, with a mini-assault course, working on co-ordination, fitness, muscle tone and hydration. We have 3-4 techniques from our Dragon Warriors programme to teach break falls so that they learn how to fall safely, pad work for punching and kicking, self-defence techniques. Confidence comes from simple things like being able to walk the beam unaided, getting techniques right - coaches positive feedback and counting out loud. 

- Little Dragons 4-6yrs school age

Our martial arts for 4, 5 & 6 year olds is a development of the pre-school programme, with a maximum of 10 students with a coach and a helper. The assault course is a bit more intricate, the children are encouraged to do more with less instructor input, we have 6-7 techniques from our Dragon Warriors programme and it acts as a spring board into our next programme

- Dragon Warriors 6-14yrs

There is a crossover here between Little Dragons and Dragon Warriors at 6 years old, this is by design. We know that children are very different at this age, some have bundles of energy and oodles of confidence, while others lack motivation and are quite shy especially in new environments. We will help and guide you to choose the right class and programme for your child. 

The children's martial arts classes do a more adult type warm-up with press-ups, sit-ups and squats and gentle jogging around the room. The class size maxes out at 15 with two adult coaches (black uniform or red uniform) plus two or three junior leaders (blue uniform) to help out when required.    

Anti-bullying Martial Arts

Bullying is a big problem and a concern for parents and children alike. The martial arts industry knows that we do not create bullies, we create confident, fit, co-ordinated human beings - bullies and their victims tend to be the less able, less confident people, so we look to change them into confident, able individuals who don't become victims or power hungry bullies. 

- Adult Ju Jitsu 15+yrs

The adult classes are based on Japanese Ju Jitsu, this is one of the oldest martial arts dating back around 2000 years! Used by the Samurai Warriors it includes weapons techniques including the samurai sword.

Japanese Ju Jitsu spawned many other martial arts including Judo, Aikido and some forms of karate namely Wado Ryu Karate. 

All students begin their training with empty hand techniques. 

We take students through a range of techniques using "scenario based training"; wrist grabs, lapel grabs, chokes and strangles. Ju jitsu includes throws like Judo, punches and kicks like karate and joint locks like Aikido, plus ground work and submission techniques often seen in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu - so a bit of everything. 

Our adult classes are busy and popular with class sizes halted at around 15 students with a primary coach in Red uniform, plus a number of adults assistant coaches in Black uniform. 

Ladies Kickboxing 13+ years

Our ladies kickboxing programme was developed in-house using a wide variety of martial arts skills. Technique is vital to power delivery and energy conservation, so we spend a lot of time developing your technique with a range of drills designed to build stamina, muscle tone, power and muscle memory. 

We have a broad warm-up process that hits the main muscle groups and gets your heart pumping, intermingled with proper technical instruction. 

We offer daytime ladies kickboxing classes for those available after the school run, plus evening classes for after work kickboxing. 

For more information click this link Ladies Only Kickboxing classes ages 13+

LJJ Martial Arts has three venues - click here for a list and timetables.

Our coaches are Ju Jitsu Black Belts, Qualified Coaches, Qualified First Aiders, DBS / CRB checked and hold Professional Indemnity Insurance.

We train both seniors and juniors, juniors from the age of 2 ½ to 14 & seniors from the age of 15 to 60 or thereabouts!

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