Ladies Only- Kickboxing

LJJ Ladies Only Kickboxing (13+)

We are pleased to announce that we now offer a LADIES ONLY kickboxing class suitable for 13+years in Earl Shilton!

An opportunity for Ladies to come together to learn the art of Kickboxing, the aim for the session is to GET FIT THE FUN WAY!


Our Sessions Will Provide

- Fitness

- Self Defence 

- Weight loss

- New Skills

- Confidence 

We lost Earl Shilton's ladies only gym a number of years ago meaning Ladies were/are travelling 5+ Miles for fitness classes or the gym. LJJ Ladies Martial Arts began in January 2018 meaning that there is a fitness option on the doorstep of 20,000 ladies in the area!  

Charlene, a local lady who's son already attends our Little Dragons sessions says "I have been putting off joining for a little while now and decided it was finally time to take the leap when Rob told me new sessions were starting! I am thoroughly enjoying the classes and they work so well around my little one's school. I have such a great time learning the art of Kickboxing and there is a fantastic atmosphere with the other ladies too! All round I couldn't be happier and have already recommended this class!"

Carolyne, a local lady who also joined us back in January says "Great all round class for anyone, I love it. Instructors are brilliant and there's great bunch of ladies. Get fit, have fun and a laugh, what more could you want!"

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Earl Shilton



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