Earl Shilton Kids Ju Jitsu

Earl Shilton has become the home for Leicester Jujitsu's Kids Training Programmes which include, Little Dragons 2½ Years - 6 years and Dragon Warriors 6+ Years! The sessions have become popular in the area, the sessions run on Monday's, Wednesday's and Sunday's. A total of 11 Classes! 

Ju Jitsu is an all-encompassing Martial Art integrating kicks, punches, blocks, strikes, throws, kata or forms, ground work or wrestling and practical self-defence. The Little Dragon's classes are tailor made to suit the age group. We also teach scenario based techniques to build practicality into our training. 

Children love it because of the diversity and the fun atmosphere! Parents love it because of the discipline and self-confidence, not to mention the fact that their children will know a form of self-defence to protect themselves against Bullies. Jujistu helps to improve concentration and for those little one's it's an important element to their learning, readying them for school.

Children training in martial arts have better coordination, improved confidence, better fitness and have a lower risk of being bullied. Kids training with Leicester Ju Jitsu are coached to have mutual respect for each other and themselves, to act with confidence and a head held high, these attributes alone help in lowering the risk of being a victim of bullies. 

For the Little Dragons classes the ratio of instructors to students is significantly different than the 6+ class, the attention span of this age group is not as long as the school aged children, so to ensure they get the best teaching the classes are smaller and will have more instructors to the small group. 

Children love to be rewarded and what better way than becoming 'Star of the Session' the child who has worked extremely hard during that class gets a certificate, which of course always goes down a treat, everyone else is rewarded with a 'jujitsu' sticker! Everyone has a chance to go through the grading system and earn coloured belts! Another Confidence booster, which has effect not just on the children but on the parents too for being extremely proud! 

Here at Leicester Jujitsu we like to ensure you know what you are getting and find out if it's right for you, we therefore always offer the first session for free! This way you have the first hand experience at whether it is the right thing for your child/children. 

All of our Instructors are fully first aid trained, DBS/CRB checked, have insurance and have Sporting England approved coaching qualifications.

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