Coronavirus & Other Illnesses

As I am sure you have heard, there's a new virus in town - Basically, it's a new virus which affects your breathing and the symptoms are cold or flu like.

The advice from us and our club and training is pretty much the same as if you have any virus or you feel unwell -

Don't train whilst ill

We have lots of opportunities for you to do catch-up lessons so that you don't miss out, but training whilst you are ill, won't do much for you personally and could infect others.....which could work its way all the way back to you again! So, if you don't want it twice, skip a week’s training! Please use the "Student Portal" - contains videos of most of our syllabus techniques and is provided FREE with your monthly training fees. 


If your immune system is good and strong (and regular exercise will boost your immune system) then there usually isn't anything to worry about, but skipping a week of training could help the less fit from catching it.


This virus (exactly like many others) is generally passed by being coughed on - so please don't!
- Cough into your elbow, rather than you hand, as the virus does not live for long at all outside of your body, so that goes for the training mats too. These mats are washed regularly but we have upped the cycle whilst this new virus is prominent, so that should help too.
- Washing your hands with soap and water before and after training (and after using the loo!) should also aid in reducing cross infection – so no new information there….at least I hope there’s nothing new there!

For more information please use these links.

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