Ju Jitsu Belt Order - Grading System

Little Dragons Belts - Graphic

Ju Jitsu and Kickboxing Belts - Graphic

Level        Belt Colour  Katas

Beginner White

                 Red - 12th Kyu

                 Yellow - 11th Kyu

                 Yellow/Orange - 10th Kyu ......Kata I

                 Orange - 9th Kyu

Inters        Orange/Green - 8th Kyu

                  Green - 7th Kyu ......Kata II

                  Green/Blue - 6th Kyu

                  Blue - 5th Kyu ......Kata III

Adv           Purple/White - 4th Kyu

                  Purple - 3rd Kyu

                  Brown/Red - 2nd Kyu......Kata IV

                  Brown - 1st Kyu

NOTE: Kata IV must be graded before or with Brown belt, there is a minimum 12 month gap between Brown belt and Black belt.


Black (1st dan / Shodan), (4 years training)

Kata V (before 2nd Dan)
Kata VI (before 2nd Dan)
Kata VII (before 2nd Dan)
Kata VIII (before 2nd Dan)

2nd Dan / Nidan, (Minimum 2 year gap after Shodan) 

Kata X (before 3rd Dan)
Kata XI (before 3rd Dan) 
Kata XII (before 3rd Dan)

3rd Dan /  Sandan, (Minimum 3 year gap after Nidan)

Kata XIII (before 4th Dan)
Kata XIV (before 4th Dan)

4th Dan / Yondan

(Minimum 4 year gap after Sandan)


5th Dan / Godan

(Minimum 5 year gap after Yondan)

The highest Dan grade in our system is 10th Dan and as the number of years between is the same as the Dan grade number, you can see there is an intentional element of "time  served".

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